Woodworking Wood Carving Medium Adze Outside Bevel 2" blade

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Sculpting, wood carving and a woodworking forged BOWL adze.

Very useful and well balanced.

Very sharp and durable blade. Outside beveled.

Sharp. AISI-4150 HRC 50-55 !!!

Traditional use of the adze is for removing bark and trimming or shaping timber. Authentic log home builders, as well as traditional shipbuilders, make use of the adze. Artists and sculptors use various sizes of adzes for making totem poles, masks and bowls. Craftspeople who follow age-old customs use adzes for making barrel staves, forming chair seats and making bowls and troughs.

The ergonomic handle is from beech tree and it is covered with boiled linseed oil Check out my items for straight adze and big curve adze!


Handle - 45 cm. ~ 17 inches

Weight - 870 Grams (g) - 1.95 Pounds (lbs.)