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Original RARE Austrian-German Military WW I - WW II Entrenching Shovel Spade tool- WITH CARRIER!!!

Signed - BLECKMANN Murzzuschlag 1915 !!!!

The BLECKMANN shovels are Austrian made and they were used by the German, Austro-Hungarian, Italian and the Bulgarian Armies.

The Shovel is having a couple of stamps which are: 

* On the back on the wooden handle "1915" 

* On the metal part are - "BLECKMANN Murzzuschlag" and there is the year "1915" in the middle


"In 1862, in Murzzuschlag Johann Heinrich Bleckmann had created the Phoenix steel plants and built up a company of worldwide reputation in the 19th century. 

During the WWI it was involved and worked for producing military tools and shovels. After the war Bleckmann made moguls and engines. 

In 1924 he was joined by Schoeller fabrics and the company merged to the Schoeller-Bleckmann Stahlwerke AG."


Length of the Shovel: 20.08" (51 cm.)

This Rare WW I - WW II German Military Shovel is a real find for any collector. 

If you collect WW I / WW II items this one will be a good addition into your collection!

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