Original Cold War Soviet Mig pilot flight helmet and Soviet MIG

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Original Cold War Soviet Mig pilot flight helmet and Soviet MIG PILOT VKK-6M HIGH-ALTITUDE pressure suit 
ZSH-6 Helmet: This is a Soviet era very high altitude and early astronauts’ helmet. 
These helmets were worn by both Mig25 and Mig31 pilots whenever they were tasked to fly at high altitudes above 50,000 ft. 
They were part of a special helmet assembly. The helmet is configured for Mig25 and Mig 31 which flew routinely between 70,000 and 80,000 ft. first as a high altitude interceptors originally conceived and produced to shoot down the American B70 Valkyrie Mach 3 high altitude strategic bomber which was never put into production. 
The Russians then switched the mission of M25 and M31 to that of high altitude reconnaissance althougigh the Mig31 was still kept in service as a high altitude interceptor for the purpose of trying to shoot down the American SR71 reconnaissance aircraft which routinely flew above 80,000 ft. 
The helmet consists of an inner helmet liner which is a soft helmet reminiscent of World War II helmets with communications equipment and the outer helmet features electrically heated and hermetically sealed faceplate and shell Visor and inner sun visor are in nice condition . 
Similar to those worn by early astronauts. These helmets have become extremely rare although at one time these helmets were available with some degree of frequency. 
Sold as a collector‘s item. 
The helmet is designed for long high-altitude flights. 
VKK-6  stands for "vuisotnui kompensiruyushtii kostyum"- altitude compensation suit. There are two main connecting hoses that are to be attached to connectors in the cockpit. 
There is no separate pressure control valve on the suit itself - everything is controlled from within the cockpit.
You will receive:
1. The helmet.
2. Under helmet hat with microphone and headphone.
3. Altitude compensation suit.
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