Flight pilot ventilation suit VK-3M air MIG-25 Soviet Russia Col

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Original Cold War Soviet Mig Flight pilot ventilation suit VK-3M
The VK-3M is a Soviet/Russian ventilation suit designed to keep a pilot comfortable in a variety of environments (from -50 C (-58 F) to +50 C (+122 F) ) - 60-90 minutes at temperature extremes!!!
In flight the hoses on the suit are plugged into the plane's environmental system, which pumps air into it to keep the pilot comfortable.
Some says that the VK-3M can also can be worn over various VKK suits, as well as over more conventional Russian flight suits. 
Unique item from "Cold War era "
Size 3 , condition - not used (from soviet warehouse)
As you may see from the pictures you will receive the suit with:
1.Тhe original document - "Паспорт" with the signatures , stamps and serial No.
2. The original bag - with the size and serial No.
Sold as a collector‘s item. 
Please use the photos to help judge content and condition. 
If you are unsure in anyway please ask.