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Hand forged axe head, made from German manufacturer Johann Wiebelhaus & Co.
European model felling axes have a very thin, slightly springy blade for maximum cutting efficiency. 
As you may see from the photos above the only mark I found was at the eye of the axe head marked from the manufacturer. 
The axe head is produced probably at 1950's.

Without any cracks on the head or on the blade of the Axe.

Johann Wiebelhaus & Co. manufactured axes, hatchets and other forged tools in an area called Sauerland in the town of Meschede, Germany. Meschede is located along the Ruhr River. The company was founded by Johann Wiebelhaus and four colleagues on September 13, 1911. The originating partners were Johann Wiebelhaus, Anton Frisse, Franz Frisse, Johann Eilinghoff and Josef Schulte. During all the years it was in operation the company operated as “Joh. Wiebelhaus & Co.”
    Originally run by Johann Wiebelhaus, the leadership passed to his son Franz in 1928. Franz Wiebelhaus led the company from 1928 until 1945 when he died during an aerial attack. Leadership then passed to Franz’s oldest son, who was also named Franz. He led the business until his death in 1985. Shortly after that the company was completely closed down.
    The original location was in a leased building in Meschede. The location was chosen so the company could take advantage of the available electrical energy and industrial (natural) gas. In 1945 the facilities were completely destroyed by bombs but operations were restored in 1947. The company continued in that location until 1986 when the business was completely closed down.
    Judging from the English wording used on various labels, some of the axes and hatchets manufactured by Joh. Wiebelhaus & Co. were made for export.

Length of the Blade: 4.5."  
Length of the Axe: 7"

Weight of the Axe : 1.53 lbs ( 0.695 kg.)

Please, see the pictures for more details!